A kept procedure try several SQL and you may PL/SQL requests one to do certain jobs

A kept procedure try several SQL and you may PL/SQL requests one to do certain jobs

6. What exactly is kept processes? It’s authored, built-up, and you can kept in the brand new database, and will getting executed because of the a user otherwise databases app.

8. What is the entry to ultimately? Ultimately can be used in conjunction with try take off. Whether or not the exception is tossed or perhaps not, eventually take off would-be carried out.

17. What is the difference in DTD and Outline? Schemas have very primitive system of data method of. Schemas commonly standard, therefore it is not easy so you can reuse an element of the DTD. They are not without difficulty extensible: There’s nothing for example genetics regarding DTD business.

twenty-four. What is function within the Databases? A features is much like a held Process. A portion of the difference between her or him is that a features production good really worth, and you may a stored techniques does not. Various other improvement is how a features might be entitled. It can come back a respect, getting invoked courtesy a select command, and also be used in calculations that have several other setting.

—————————————- Issues and Tips: 1) Polymorphism (overloading, overriding, public, static) 2) Serialization (steps, coding) 3) Range (Interfaces, Kinds, duplications, null of secrets, null out-of philosophy, order, synchronized) 4) a) Synchronized. b) What’s the diff. ranging from synchronized stop, and you may snychronized strategy? c) What is the additional anywhere between techniques and you can threads? 5) Exclusion (is, connect, finally, throw, places, user-defined in addition to) Sorts of exception? Diff. anywhere between Error and you can Exclusion? 6) ConnectionPooling 7) String (Object, LiteralPool, Equals, == ) 8) User interface 9) Abstract category (Diff. anywhere between conceptual class, interface), what’s the entry to conceptual group, whenever chicas escort Pearland TX often u put it to use? 10) Bundles eleven) coffee.lang.Target (cloneable)

Measures cannot be personal Details can not be individual Most of the eg details is individual. MyException isn’t a good subclass from runtime conditions. Do you know the changes as designed to brand new provided means to cope with new eception 1. Classification Exceptionthrown K. Create throws the MyException(); lined up no. 4 L. Put put MyException(); in line #6 Meters. Add toss the fresh new MyException(); lined up # 6 Letter. Include put the brand new MyException(); lined up number 4 O. Modify the strategy report such that an object away from type of Exemption is to be tossed What is the returns of your after the program social class Demo


The application form designs The worth of x is 8; Good. The application prints The worth of x try 0; B. The application form cannot amass. Given the pursuing the password Drift F1 = brand new Float(0. String> Exactly what are the you’ll be able to opinions of x in the event the «Shot step 3» is going to be printed ? MouseEvent And therefore of one’s following the is true local approach statement during the Java ? Hence of one’s following the strategies should be lawfully extra during the range designated xx ? Sequence method1() leaves IOException Because of the after the password when the (x > 4) Lower than 0 B. None What is the listing of a char form of? A beneficial. >> performs a finalized shift and you will >>> work a keen unsigned shift. B. >> work an unsigned shift and >>> really works a finalized shift.

All of the like variables are personal Every particularly parameters was personal and you can personal accessor steps are supplied to find the opinions from such as variables From the after the system, when the somecondition() returns real, following merely line #3 must toss a customized exception to this rule MyException

What are good Java words . NULL Good. Genuine C. Map An excellent. Number //dupes + purchased B. Lay C. Collection // dupes + unordered You desire an element to hold its thickness, but not the peak when resized. How will you do so ? Place the role inside the North or South when you look at the a BorderLayout Good. Place the part in the exact middle of good BorderLayout B. Put the parts in East or Western from inside the a BorderLayout Your have laid out a class and you may sandwich categories of the same. you wouldn’t like the ways of one’s very classification to help you end up being overridden . System. The worth of i are step 1 A. The worth of i is actually 0 B. Done Cpilation Mistake D. Runtime Error What is the output of your after the system classification Analogy